Saturday, February 27, 2010

Incentive Charts are FUN!!!

About 2 months ago, we started having issues with Hudson hitting. I have to say, it is NOT FUN when your child is being a bully and being that kid. We tried everything to get him to stop and nothing was working. I thought back to my teaching days and decided that maybe it was time for Hudson to have an incentive chart. So, we took a little trip to Mardel and let him pick out his chart and some stickers. Of course, our little man picked out monkey charts with monkey stickers and then some farm animal stickers. The kid can't get enough animals!!! We took it home, put it on the refrigerator and got to work. The next morning on the way to church we decided it was the perfect time to talk about his new chart and how if we got a good report from his Sunday School teacher he would get to add a sticker to it when we got home. Sure enough, we got a good report and he was THRILLED to put a sticker on his chart. We kept it up over the next few weeks until his chart looked like this:
Can you tell that he put his stickers on? :) Since he is only 2 1/2 we didn't want to wait until his chart was full to reward him. After being sick for a week and being cooped up, we decided that today was a great day to get out of the house and get rewarded for his good behavior. Now, his rewards won't always be going to buy him something, but we figured this first time needed to be good! After hearing a few friends talk about how much fun Build-A-Bear was, we decided that would be right up Huson's alley and it did not disappoint! We walked in and he immediately chose a puppy.
He loved stading on the pedal to help stuff the bear...he was in complete awe!

Kissing the heart and the shamrock for good luck.
Putting them in his puppy.
Giving his new puppy a hug before going to the cleaning station.
He really liked this part and scrubbed his puppy from head to toe!
Cuddling with his new friend he named (with the help of Mommy & Daddy) Joey.
When we got home he immediately wanted Joey out of the box. Not to cuddle with him though... put the box on his head and jump around of course!
Welcome to the family Joey! :)
Here's hoping the next few weeks earn Hudson many more stickers!!!


Cassidy said...

what fun! way to go Hudson, all of you needed a fun outing like that. you and K deserve a prize too!We find that the build-a-bear box is usually more fun than the stuffed animal:)

Aurora said...

CUTE!!! I'm so glad Hudson is feeling better. We haven't been to Build-a-Bear yet, but we definitely need to go check it out. :)

Porter Carroll said...

I love it! I am stealing your idea! We need it!! :)

The Penuels said...

Great idea!!! I need to remember that!

Cara Carroll said...

Okay you cute little teacher...I LOVE this idea!!!!!! I have seriously NEVER thought to do anything like that, but I know Landon would LOVE it! You've SO convinced me to take a trip to Build-A-Bear! For the box, of course ;) Can't wait to see your cute face again soon!! Love ya!