Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

OK, so yesterday we woke up to snow, but today we woke up to a winter wonderland! It was beautiful! Since Hudson already knew what to do in it, I could barely get him bundled up before he was headed out the door to play. Since his friend Stone lives down the street, he and Jessica came down to play too. It was such a fun morning!

Hudson decided the snow tasted good today...he ate a LOT of it!

I had to get a few pics of some of Hudson's toys in the backyard to show just how much snow we got. This is his t-ball stand and it seriously looks like a ball is on top!
Check out his lawn mower!
The trees are my favorite part!

I hope you all are staying warm today! :)

1 comment:

Aurora said...

fun, fun! we headed out to play in the snow today too! I cou;dn't believe how deep it was in some spots! :)