Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bundled Up & Ready to Play!

We woke up today to find several inches of snow. I waited until after breakfast to tell Hudson (to make sure he would eat!) and he was SO EXCITED that he happily got all bundled up for me and started talking about building a sand castle. Yep, a sand castle...we had to clear that up...sand...snow...same thing right? :) Here's my little man all ready to go.
He had a blast running around in the yard and throwing tiny little snowballs. His mittens kept giving him fits, so he kept taking them off. Stinker!

Here he is trying to throw a snowball at me. Too cute!

Happy boy!


Aurora said...

Is this snow crazy or what!? Avery was actually kind of afraid of it at first (I know, can you believe SNOW is what scared my little daredevil!?)

Cassidy said...

he looks so cute:) that snow is crazy. Gloves and kids sure don't mix well, huh?

your "D" flag looks good!