Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to get in a booster seat...

Step 1: Plant your face in the seat while pushing yourself up.
Step 2: Get up on knees.
Step 3: Turn yourself around to plop down. (Wonder why mommy is taking your picture.)
Step 4: Humor mommy and say "Ta-da"!
Hudson is VERY into doing things by himself these days. Climbing up into his chair is one of these things. I just happened to have my camera sitting out today and decided to snap a quick pic...I really should get a video of it because Step 1 always has some grunting in it!
***Please excuse his crazy hair...I hadn't fixed it yet!***

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Aurora said...

Don't you love the do-it-yourself phase!? Avery's favorite thing to say now is "NO, Avery do it!"