Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slight Change of Plans

Playgroup this Monday was supposed to be at a place where the boys were going to paint pottery. We were so sad to discover when we got there that the owners forgot we were coming and didn't have the place open. :( That didn't stop us from having a great playgroup anyway!! We headed over to a nearby park to let the boys play. There was a fountain and the boys were in heaven splashing in the puddles.
Too cute...Hudson kept leaning his head back while the water splashed on him!!
After enjoying the fountain, Hudson discoverd his true love. Yes...dirt and woodchips!

The mommies were a little worn out trying to corral our little guys at a park with no toys, so we headed to Allen Town...it is gated!! I didn't get many picturs here...Hudson is SO on the go these days...it is hard to catch him. I did get this one of him and Landon playing in the rocks though. :)

It ended up being such a great playgroup as always...we always have fun with our friends!

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Cara Carroll said...

I am cracking up at the first picture of Hudson tilting his head back. That is so hilarious! I got some cute pics of our boys playing in the rocks together. Once my email starts cooperating with me, I'll send them your way :) We had fun seeing you guys Monday! See you in a couple of weeks!