Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lollipops & Easter Eggs

Yesterday we had a WONDERFUL playgroup at Cara and Landon's house. Since we are getting close to Easter, we decided to try to recreate the Easter picture of the boys last year:
Brittney brought the cutest, brightest lollipops for the boys and they all came wearing jeans. All of the boys were excited for their lollipops and didn't mind the pictures at all, EXCEPT for my little man. He wanted NO PART of sitting on the bench to have his picture taken. Could have cared less!
I mean really, can it be that bad?!?
Chapman, Quinn, Tanner, Reid, Sutton, Hudson, Landon (We missed you Amy and Porter!)
We finally got them down and this is his not ammused face.

After being tortured by the pictures, we headed outside for an Easter Egg hunt that Cara set up. Hudson had a BLAST running around and playing with all of Landon's fun outside toys!
Getting the hang of putting the eggs in his basket.

Taking stock of his eggs!

Hudson was a huge fan of the lawnmower. I think I need to contact the Easter Bunny and let him know...

How cute is this?!! Cara gave each of the boys Easter bags filled with goodies and this PRECIOUS hand painted egg...she is just too creative!!! Thanks guys for such a fun playgroup! :)


Grow with Griffin said...

You guys sure do have fun playdates! Love all the creativity and fun put into this one!

Cassidy said...

Ok, I just wrote a comment that did not make sense. Let me try again. :) So cute. I love all of the boys running around with no shirts, to funny!!!

Cara Carroll said...

Yay!! It was SO fun seeing you guys yesterday!! Seriously, even though he wasn't havin' any of it, Hudson was TOO cute!!! I LOVE that he was so excited hunting for eggs and playing with the lawnmower! Such a little man!!

The Kilgore Corral said...

Well, you said you wanted to "recreate" the picture from last year. At least Hudson was consistent! Ha ha! Too fun!!

Annie said...

It was so great seeing you and Hudson! He was so funny with Cara's dog. I laugh everytime I think of how he was so afraid the dog would eat his food! So cute!!!!