Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can I Get a Flower Picture Please??

Today we headed to the Arboretum to meet some friends. Going there is definitely not like it used to be...there is no plopping Hudson down in front of the flowers and getting a picture anymore. It is more snapping a picture while he runs in front of the flowers and trying to get him to not step or pull the flowers these days!! I think his favorite part was the petting zoo. My how times have changed!!
When we first got in the petting zoo, Hudson just kept pointing at the animals. It took him a few minutes, but he finally got brave enough to pet most of them. He loved them!!
I think the sheep might have loved him too!!

Does this count as a flower picture?!?!
Switching snack traps with Griffin...they both thought what the other had was better!

The Arboretum was definitely somewhat of a workout today, but we had a great time. Hudson loved the wide open spaces where he could just roam free...I'm sure there will be a time later where we can walk the paths again! :)


Grow with Griffin said...

What a fun day!! I love the first picture of Hudson pointing to the back of the sheep! Yes, definitely a different experience compared to last year's visit! Still fun though, can we still take pictures of them together 10 years down the road, ha :-)

Cara Carroll said...

Ummmm...I've never been to the Arboretum, but after reading this, I've SO got to get out there!!!! Love the last pic of Hudson...too cute!!

Annie said...

Such cute pics! That is about how our trip was on Monday! I was more tired than Sutton I think!!!