Sunday, October 26, 2008


This afternoon Kelly "needed" to go to Bass Pro Shop. After several (not fun) trips to that place, Noni and I decided to stay at home and take Hudson to the neighborhood park instead. We discovered that Hudson LOVES going down the slide. We took turns going down with him over and over. He would belly laugh the whole way down. It was too cute and too much fun!
Ready, set, GO!

When it was time to go, I started to put Hudson back into the stroller and he was not happy about that. So, Noni quickly assured him that she would be more than happy to carry him back to the house. I assured her that wasn't necessary, but she already had him in her arms and was on her way. :) Half way home her dog decided he didn't want to walk anymore, so into the stroller he went. We were quite a sight walking down the street!! I was pushing the 5 pound dog in the stroller as she and Hudson were walking ahead...we got a few stares! :)Hudson, Noni, and Coco on the way home. Pitiful isn't it??


The Kilgore Corral said...

That is SO awesome! I love the slide pictures and am cracking up thinking about the sight you must have been walking home. I LOVE it!!!

Grow with Griffin said...

I am laughing SO hard right now at CoCo in the stoller so content and Noni holding Hudson on the way home!!! That looks like a total Nolan move on me too!