Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Toy & Ice can you go wrong?

This past weekend was full of a little adventure and a lot of fun. Aunt Shani came down Thursday night. After running a lot of errands Friday morning, we decided to play all afternoon with Hudson. We had been outside playing for about 30 minutes and decided it was just too hot. When we went to open the back door, we discovered that somehow the back door had locked on its own. So here we without shoes on, Hudson wanting to go inside, no cell get the idea. We went over to our sweet neighbors and realized that we were going to have to call a locksmith since Kelly wouldn't be home for about 3 hours. While over at our neighbors they got out an old push toy for Hudson to walk behind. He loved it so much they let us bring it home since they don't use it anymore. So sweet! The locksmith finally arrived and literally used a credit card to open the back door!!!!! It took about 2 seconds and $95 and we were in the house. Yes, we should all become locksmiths!!! Hudson playing with his borrowed toy. (He was stuck at this point!)
Taking a break to play with Daddy's blackberry.
Late Friday night Nana arrived for the weekend and Saturday evening we went to dinner to celebrate her birthday. The next picture was hilarious. Everyone literally said, "Hudson, smile at the camera" and this is the result:
Was he hamming it up or what??
Helping Nana finish the yummy ice cream desert.
Any guesses on who dressed Hudson this day??? We'll see what he is wearing this next Saturday on game day!!


Holly said...

Cute! Cute! Yes, I think being a locksmith may be the way to go! $95!!!!!! Wow! We have a backdoor that needs to be unlocked twice or you'll end up trapped outside - yes, I climbed the fence once since my dear husband also had the gates padlocked :) - Fortunately, that time, I had left the front door unlocked. Fun stuff!
I love checking out your blog and seeing how Hudson is doing....

Cassidy said...

I love his camera face!!! So cute. And I must admit I am loving his outfit:) Way to go Daddy!
I am going to think twice everytime we go outside to play. Maybe we could start our own locksmith company. We could deck our locksmith vans with dvd players and toys for the kids...ha!

Grow with Griffin said...

That toy looks like fun too!!! Love Hudson's BIG smile! Yes, I, too have locked us out without our cell phone or anything- luckily our handy neighbor across the street was home and came over and literally took the door off to get us in- he is such the Home Depot Man!!! I now double check any time I close the door behind us- thank gooness Griffin was with me on that occassion!