Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere!

I absolutely love this time of year! One of my favorite things is when you can wear jeans outside and you don't get hot...I know that is cheesy, but hey, it makes me happy! Anyway, now that Hudson is here another one of my favorite things is going to pumpkin patches and attempting to get some cute Fall pictures. Last Friday we went to Owens Farm with 5 other mommies and their boys. It was such a fun time because not only did we get to see a ton of pumpkins, but we got to go on a hayride which Hudson LOVED, got to pet goats which Hudson HATED, and got to spend fun times with friends.
Right before the hayride. Hudson, Landon, Tanner, Chapman, Sutton, and Reid
Hudson was cracking me up...he kept sitting with his legs crossed. He never has done that before and it was hilarious!!! I think he just didn't like the way the hay felt on his legs, but man was it cute!
Hudson and Tanner playing with the hay.
My little monkey climbing, yes climbing. Should I start to worry??
OK, when Hudson first stood at the fence and saw all of the goats he was so excited and had the biggest smile on his face. THEN, one of the goats licked him. He immediately pulled his hands back, sat down, and started crying. Poor little guy!
He was obsessed with the stems of the pumpkins.

On Wednesday we decided to head to see the pumpkins at the Arboretum with Melissa and Colton and Jessica and Stone. It was sunny and hot when we left and was cloudy when we arrived. Little did we know what we were in for...
Sweet Colton playing with the pumpkins.
Stone lounging with the pumpkins.
I could tell immediately that Hudson was not very excited about the pumpkin patch. So, Melissa let him play with some of Colton's trucks so I could attempt to get some pictures. Doesn't he look like he is about to tell me to go away??

The meltdown was beginning...
It was official...Hudson and "George" had really had enough! So I scooped him up and this is the only Mommy & Hudson picture that he was up for.
Since Hudson was in no mood for pictures we decided that the boys needed to eat. So, we spread some blankets out and began to have a picnic lunch. It was sprinkling at this point, but we figured we had time to finish eating before heading back to the car. That is when the sky opened up and it started POURING!!! We quickly put the boys in their strollers, threw blankets on top of them and went flying through the Arboretum.
OK, so while we were practically flying for cover I had to stop and take a quick picture of Hudson trying to figure out what was going on. You can see the raindrops on his jeans if you look closely.
We finally reached the entrance as the rain was starting to die down. Melissa, Jessica, and I were cracking up. We literally looked like we had jumped in a pool with all of our clothes on. It was quite an experience and it couldn't have been more fun!


Cara Carroll said...

We had fun with you guys at the pumpkin patch!! Hope to see y'all again, soon! The pic of you & Hudson at the Arboretum is precious!!

Grow with Griffin said...

Wow two pumpkin patches in one week!? Hudson, you are a very lucky little boy! It looks like you all had so much fun- wish the hayride was running when we went to ours! I also LOVE the picture of the two of you in the pumpkins, Hudson looks happy as can be!!! It was great seeing you today- I guess the next time we see you, my little man will officially be ONE!

Annie said...

I love the picture of Hudson with his legs crossed! I just laughed out loud so hard reading your comment about it and my husband looked at me like what is so funny!!!

We had a blast with yall, we are excited to get to know you and Hudson!