Monday, November 3, 2008

Tired Puppy!

This past weekend can be summed up in two words....tired puppy! On Friday afternoon, Hudson and I headed to Noni's office for their Trick-or-Treating party with kids and grandchildren. The event started around Hudson's naptime, so I knew it would be interesting. When we arrived we quickly put on Hudson's puppy costume and he was not very excited about it. He refused to wear the hat part, so his puppy ears were hanging behind him. He really did great for being sleepy, but didn't show off any smiles. :(
Noni, Hudson, and Mommy
Friday night after Hudson had already gone to bed, Paw-Paw, Nana, and Great Aunt Fern arrived for a visit. Paw-Paw hadn't seen Hudson in almost two months and decided that was way too long! I scheduled some pictures for Saturday afternoon after Hudson's nap thinking we might get some cute puppy pictures. Needless to say, Hudson was too excited that family had come to see him, so he pretty much refused to take a nap. On the way to Stonebriar he was all smiles and laughing up a storm. THEN, we arrived at the mall. He was too tired for his puppy costume, too tired to smile, and too tired to be messed with. We left with ONE picture!! We then went to dinner at Brio and poor Hudson had almost had it. He sat in Nana's lap to eat and kept having to walk outside to look at the birds. Poor litte guy!
Coloring with Nana.
I can do it myself!!!
Feeding himself mashed potatoes.
After dinner this little puppy went home to go to bed and now he is trying to deal with the time change. Man, can we get a break around here?? :)


Aday Family said...

He was such a cute puppy eventhough he didn't wear the ears! Poor little guy, we are having trouble adjusting with the time change too! Good luck!

Grow with Griffin said...

Awww, that tired puppy sure is cute! Griffin would not wear the 'head' part of his costume either- I love the pictures of him feeding himself mashed potatoes!