Tuesday, August 5, 2008

French Fry Monster

We have been working so hard with Hudson eating "table food" lately. We cut everything up into little pieces and are constantly introducing new foods. He has been doing really well. Today when we sat down for lunch he kept eyeing my french fries. So, I proceded to tear up a french fry and put it on his tray. He was really enjoying it, so I decided to put a whole french fry on his tray. He went after it!! I think he was born knowing how to eat them...he immediately picked it up and started taking bites. He gobbled up several french fries this afternoon...it was so cute!
My French Fry Monster
Double fisting it!
Can we have french fries every day please?


Cassidy said...

How cute. Are his eyes brown? I haven't asked and I really noticed them in these pictures.

Donnell Days said...

No...they are hazel right now...I wonder if they are going to change??

Aday Family said...

He sure knows what the 'good' food is!! He has grown up soooo much! can't wait for the party! :)

The Kilgore Corral said...

Yea, big boy! And look, my cup made the blog...haha!

Grow with Griffin said...

Yum Hudson! Those french fries look good right about now!!! Hudson looks so much more grown up in those first two pictures, and more like Kelly with his expressions... Just one more week!!