Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never!

So, I just realized that I had posted all about Hudson's birthday party, but never posted his 12 month pictures or his stats from his 12 month check up. Oops! Hudson continues to be a little guy...he weighed 20 pounds, .3 ounces (11%), was 29 1/2 inches (38%), and his head circumference was 18 1/2 (67%). Dr. Cook said he looked great...yea! I have to admit that the shots seem to be getting harder the older he gets. He doesn't cry as long, but he is much more aware of what is happening. He actually stared down one of the nurses after getting the shots!
On the day of his birthday we took him to get some pictures taken. He was wearing his "1" camo t-shirt with khaki shorts and camo tennis shoes. We also took in balloons and a cake. I carefully scheduled the pictures around naptime so we would have a happy boy. Let's just say it didn't go as planned. They were running 45 minutes late, so by the time we got in the studio it was an hour past our appointment time and Hudson was not in the mood for pictures. He cried in the cake pictures. :( We did get a few cute shots, but you can't even see his little "1" t-shirt or his cute shoes...he looks like he is wearing a white t-shirt for his 12 month pictures!! Oh well! We got some good smiles, so that is all that matters!

In between crying, the photographer gave him some drumsticks and a bucket to play with...he thought that was pretty cool!


Cassidy said...

very cute! and I love the camo shoes!

Aday Family said...

So big already! Glad appointments went well! The pictures are really cute! Can't wait to see you soon! :)