Monday, August 4, 2008

Don't Jump!!!

Weird title for a post I know, but here is the story...there was a recall on Hudson's crib because it doesn't lower enough. Apparently, some children are able to crawl/leap out of it. So, I put our name on the recall list and they sent us a new part to make the crib meet regulations. We haven't been too worried because Hudson didn't stand up to wait for us when he woke up...he continued to enjoy peeking out from under his bumper and playing peek-a-boo. Two weeks ago we decided that Kelly really needed to install the new part. He had been putting it off because he had to take the entire crib apart to do this...not fun! Well, he put the new part on and the crib and it wasn't ANY lower...ugh!! So, I called and they are sending us another new part that should be here tomorrow for him to take the crib apart again. (Poor Kelly!) In the meantime, Hudson decided that he had enough of peek-a-boo and would prefer to stand and wait for us to come get him. Look how high he is in his crib...yikes!

We now practically run in his room the minute we hear him so he doesn't try to escape!! He isn't afraid of heights or falling AT ALL...he loves being held upside down and his new favorite thing is being on our bed and crawling off the side while we hold him by his feet. So, while we wait for the part, all I can say is, "Hudson, please don't jump!"


Grow with Griffin said...

Oh my!!!! He looks so tall!!! 'Auntie' Lessers and Griffin say "Don't jump!!!" as well!!!

Cassidy said...