Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple things...

OK, I always say this and I know that many of you do too, but SERIOUSLY, why do we even buy toys?? I got home from the grocery store today and as I was putting up the groceries, Hudson happily played with a colander and a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. This went on for at least 20 minutes. I finished putting up the groceries and just sat and watched him play until it was time for his nap. Don't you just love the simple things??
He was talking to the baby looking back at him in the trashcan!!
The colander and the coupon...who needs toys??

Happy Boy!

I admit...I put it on his started a very fun game! :)
Silly Mommy!
I hope we can always cherish the simple things in life!


The Kilgore Corral said...

I love the third picture showing his big boy teeth. I agree...the simplest days are the best!

The Penuels said...

I know!! Chapman is happiest with a spoon & the free comb from the hospital where he was born :)

Grow with Griffin said...

Too cute! The trashcan picture is precious! Griffin loves to play with the things in the kitchen too! I've started a little bowl with goodies in the kitchen for him. So much for all of those expensive Baby Einstein and Leapfrog toys, huh?!

Kara Wilson said...

I couldn't agree more...Tanner loves to play with a box, measuring cup, comb, ANYTHING that is not a "toy"! Cute pics!!!