Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shamu, Shamu, Shamu!

This past weekend, Hudson, Kelly, Noni and I headed to San Antonio for a little getaway. We could not have had more fun and it was AWESOME getting to experience it through Hudson's eyes! The day we arrived we immediately put on our bathing suits and headed down to the pools. One of the pools at the resort was zero entry and Hudson LOVED it. I mean LOVED it! I have asked if we could have one in our backyard...the jury is still out on that one!
The waterfalls in the pools were definitely a favorite of this little guys!

The resort had fire pits lit at night to make s'mores. YUM YUM! Hudson loved roasting marshmallows, and loved each ingredient separately, but had ZERO interest in eating a s'more.

This is a face stuffed full of marshmallows! (Not roasted of course.)
The next morning we were at Sea World when they opened. There weren't any shows that started immediately, so once Hudson spotted this playground we had to stop and play for a while until the shows began.
Our first show was Believe, the Shamu show. Let's just say we saw this show THREE times. The little guy was a HUGE fan of Shamu. I have to admit, it is still my favorite too. It is definitely different now that the trainers don't get in the water though, but it is still amazing. One thing they do now is have the audience start chanting "Shamu, shamu, shamu" until he comes out. Hudson caught on really quickly and has been saying it ever since.
This was our family picture at Sea World. Fabulous I know. Ha!

Next stop, dolphins!
One word: SCARY!
Noni noticed while we were there that they still sold the same stuffed animal Shamu that she bought for me as a kid. So of course, she couldn't resist getting Hudson one. Hudson LOVES his has gone night night with him ever since.

Hudson said the sea lions looked ooey gooey! I guess they kind of do!

This was another play area that we couldn't leave without Hudson playing on. Poor Daddy...they climbed through the ENTIRE thing...Daddy was dripping when they finally emerged.
The next day we played in the pool most of the morning and afternoon. Most people must have been at Sea World that day because we practically had the pools to ourselves. It was great! Hudson was thrown back and forth more times than our arms would care to remember!

Happy, BUSY boy with the pool all to himself.
Nothing beats eating pizza pool side after hours of playing hard.
We celebrated Noni's birthday while we were there at a WONDERFUL Mexican food restaurant. I seriously have been craving it since we got back. Hudson was being an elephant while we were there with his slinky and even roped me in on the action.
He was also very proud that he somehow ate a hole in the middle of his tortilla.

I might have told the restaurant it was Noni's birthday and they might have brought out this huge sombrero while singing to her. She might have been a little embarassed, but Hudson LOVED it!

I think these last two pictures sum up our little getaway!! It was a GREAT four days and I might already be planning a trip to go back next year.


The Kilgore Corral said...

How FUN! So glad you had a great get-away!!

Tigert Tales said...

I am so glad you all had a great time! Love family vacations.