Monday, June 21, 2010

Runnin' through the fountains!

Last week we met some friends at the Village in Fairview to let the kiddos run through the fountains. Let's just say that Hudson L.O.V.E.D every second of this and that we will definitely be running through the fountains again very soon! :)

A line-up of the boys: Landon, Hudson, Tanner, Reid, Wyatt, Porter, and Sutton. Can you tell that they would much rather be running through the fountains than posing for a picture?!?


Aurora said...

FUN! We will definitely have to meet you up there!

Shani Lannert said...

Oh so cute! Although, he looks too grown up! Can't wait to see you guys and have a relaxing time - no more running around trying to get wedding stuff done! ;) LOVE YOU!