Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lunch & a Movie

If you know Hudson, then you know he LOVES all things Curious George. His lovie is named after him, he sleeps with a stuffed Curious George, he watches Curious George every morning after breakfast...you get the picture...he REALLY loves that crazy little monkey! So, when my friend Melissa told me that Studio Movie Grill was going to be showing Curious George, I immediately bought tickets online. This Monday was the big day and my little guy was beyond excited. I'm not kidding, this was his face from the time we arrived until the movie started!
Hudson's friends Griffin and Gannon met us for our lunch and movie.
I took the camera out during the movie to snap a picture and he immediately turned and smiled at me! He also leaned over halfway through the movie and kissed me! SERIOUSLY, he NEVER gives unprompted kisses. I might need to take him to see movies more often!

Such a happy boy! Nothing like eating pizza and watching Curious George...what a fun little date with my favorite little man! :)

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The Kilgore Corral said...

Glad he had a good time! :)