Friday, June 4, 2010

One FUN evening!

This past week, the Wilson Family had us over for dinner and LOTS of playtime for the boys. The first thing Hudson said when he woke up the next morning was, "Mommy, can I go back to Tanner's and play on his slide?" you think he had just a little bit of fun?!?
They literally played on Tanner's AWESOME slide for hours!
Then, the boys roped the Dad's into some jumping action.

Sweet, laid back Ellie just sat in Kara's lap all evening just as content as can be!
The boys taking a bath together before we headed home. Will they hate us for the pics later or what?!? LOVE it!

Here they are pretending to be asleep in Tanner's bed. I just love the smile on Tanner's cute is he?!?
Thanks friends for SUCH a fun evening!!

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Kara Wilson said...

We always have the best time with you guys! We are truly so blessed by your friendships! Thanks for coming over!!!!