Wednesday, August 27, 2014

SEVEN years old!!!

Wednesday, August 13th, Hudson turned SEVEN years old!  I'm not sure why, but 7 seems so much older to me than 6.  Maybe because it is nearing 10??  With my love of birthdays, we celebrated ALL day!!  I'm just glad at this age he likes to be with family all day on his birthday.  :)
He woke up to this:
 After seeing the table and having breakfast, we wanted to watch a cartoon.  I think Holden was trying to get in on the TV action.  Sorry little brother, no TV for you!
 After getting dressed, he was ready to open presents.  I was surprised he waited that long.  He definitely didn't get that from me...I'm ready to open presents the second I see them.  Ha!
 My BIG boy and I!

 Mommy did good with this gift!  It isn't often that you see this face!!  He has been really into his Nerf dart guns lately and I found a zombie target.  Looks gross to me, but it was one of his favorite gifts.  Gotta love boys!

 After opening gifts, we headed to our summer movie and then had Arby's (Hudson's pick) for lunch with friends.  After that we came home and he was ready to play with some of his new How to Train Your Dragon toys!

 After playing, we had a sno-cone and then had his birthday dinner with Daddy and Noni.  After dinner, he blew out candles on his dessert.  (The ice cream was melting BAD!)

Happy #7 my sweet BIG boy!!!  I love you more than words can say!!!

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