Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everybody in the POOL!

This year Hudson wanted his party at our neighborhood swimming pool.  We had to bend the rules a little because technically each family can only have 5 guests per pool card.  He was ADAMANT that his party be there though, so after borrowing some neighbors pool keys and having a smaller than usual guest list, the party was planned!  Instead of doing cake or cupcakes this year, I had these DARLING cookies made.  They were so.stinkin'.cute!!!! 
 As friends arrived, they could get a water squirter to play with and eventually take home.  These were a HIT!  (I forgot to get a picture of these at the beginning of the party...oops!)
Another fun favor were these freezer ice Popsicles that I put together and stuck in buckets on the tables.  

 Paw-Paw and Holden enjoyed the party in the shade.  Holden even decided that Paw-Paw's hand made a good pacifier.  :)
 We were so happy that Aunt Fern could be there too!
 A few pics of the kids having fun.
 Notice that Daddy and Uncle Geoff have water squirters.  :)

 A little action shot of some of the boys jumping in the pool.  Love it!
 Hudson and Peyton posing.
 Holden decided to take a nap on Noni half way through the party.  Sweet boy!
 Luke got in some pool fun with his Daddy.

 The kids enjoyed pizza and cookies.

 We had a hard time getting Hudson's candle to stay lit with the wind, but he was a trooper!
 Family picture at the end of the party.  Poor Holden had a massive blowout, so he was a diaper baby for a few minutes.
 Hudson with his friend Peyton just before leaving.
 When we got home, Hudson was ready to open his presents and spend a little time with family.  :)

 Can you tell he likes How to Train Your Dragon??  :)

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