Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Holden's baptism

We decided to have Holden baptized the same weekend as Hudson's party since everyone would be in town and because I wanted Holden to wear the same outfit that Hudson wore for his and it was the right month.  :)  So, Sunday, August 17th we stood at the front of church with our entire family to dedicate him to Christ.  :)

After the service, I made lunch for everyone before they all had to head back to Oklahoma.  Here is the beautiful cake we had for Holden's special day: 

 Sweet boy sitting by his cake.

 Poor Holden...this is what happens when you have a big brother.  Hudson asked to take a silly picture after their cute one.

 Happy boy playing with Aunt Fern before everyone headed out.
We were so blessed to have our entire family here to help us celebrate both of our boys!!

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