Monday, April 15, 2013

Lights and Tile!

This past Thursday, the 11th, after Kindergarten roundup, we drove by the house and discovered that most of the lighting had been installed as well as the tile.  Yea...we'll have lights!!  :)
 Dining room
 Living room
 Master shower almost done.
 I finally realized why the island has been in the living room this whole time...they had to lay the tile in the kitchen!  
We did find out the next day that our closing has been pushed back, which means we can't move in until 9 days after we have to move out of our current house.  Fun times!  So, we will be hiring movers twice ~ once to move everything to storage and once to move everything to the new house.  In the meantime, we'll be staying with my mom.  I'm sure it will be a blip in the radar a few months from now, but I have been a stressed out individual since last Friday!!   Here's hoping we don't get any more surprises!!

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