Thursday, April 11, 2013

A driveway and some stain!

This past Sunday, we stopped by the house and were excited to see more progress!!  The first exciting thing this time was that the driveway and sidewalks had been poured!   No more muddy shoes when we go now!  :)
 Then, when we walked in I saw paint and stain!  Yippee!!  All of the walls and trim had been painted and all of the cabinets had been stained.  It is becoming ridiculous how excited I get about things like paint and stain!  
I am still in love with the mud closet!!  Hudson's backpack can't wait to have a home!
 The stairs.
 The island is still hanging out in the living room and the stone on the fireplace is now complete.
 Another really random thing...the ceiling in our bedroom.  Yep, ceilings make me happy too!  :)
I'm hoping for more exciting things like fixtures and tile on my next Sunday walk through!  

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Unknown said...

Wow! That seems to be such a lovely house. Good thing you won’t have such muddy shoes anymore. You do have to watch out on staining the driveway with excess oil from your car though. That can be a tough one to clean. But anyway, congratulations! 
German Zollinger