Sunday, December 30, 2012

Grinch Cookies

When I asked Hudson what kind of cookies he wanted to make for Santa this year, he immediately remembered me telling him about a recipe I had seen for Grinch cookies and he was sure that Santa would like those.  I thought his idea was great, so we got the ingredients and got to work.  We had to make them the Friday before Christmas because we had a jam packed weekend, so it gave us plenty of time to sample them!  :)
 Hudson making his best "mean Grinch" face.

 When Daddy got home, Hudson couldn't wait to have him try the cookies.  He even decided that we needed to make Grinch milk (green milk) to go with them.  He also thought Daddy needed to wear a Christmas tree headband.  (Daddy loved that...ha!)
 Cheers to Grinch cookies and milk!

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