Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

I know that I felt this way last year, but Christmas morning was absolutely magical with Hudson!  He was SO MUCH fun to watch and listen absolutely melted my heart to see the joy in him!!
 Coming around the corner Christmas morning. 
First of all, he couldn't believe that Santa had wrapped his gifts in Christmas Superhero paper...that creative Santa! He was SO EXCITED about each and every was precious!

 He was in love with the walkie talkies that Noni got him!  :)

 After opening gifts, we had reindeer pancakes again. :)
 Then, it was off to play, play, play...

 One gift that he and Daddy played with all day long was the science kit he asked for.  They mixed colors, made crystals, and did all kinds of experiments.
It was a truly magical day spent at home enjoying family!

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