Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve

After church on Christmas Eve, we headed to Kelly's Dad's house to celebrate Christmas with his family.  Before opening presents, Hudson enjoyed being tickled by Aunt Sherry and Uncle Todd!
 Then, it was present time for the kids!
 Cousin Marcus got Hudson a telescope and Hudson couldn't wait to go outside to look at the moon!
 Aunt Tara gave Hudson one of the coolest gifts (according to Hudson!) ever...a Hulk mask and hands.  He and Daddy immediately started wresting...or Daddy started getting hit I should say!

 Aunt Tara, Hudson, and Aunt Sherry  (Kelly's sisters)
 When we got home it was time to put the finishing touches on Christmas Eve.  First, I was able to snag a picture of Noni, Coco, and Hudson.
 Every year, Hudson opens a gift from us on Christmas jammies that he wears that night.  His reaction this year was PRICELESS!!!  To say that Superman jammies were a HIT is a complete understatement!!!  He was IN.LOVE!!

 You know you did good when you get a spontaneous hug!!  :)  Yes, I melted!!

 After posing with Mommy, Hudson got a little wild.  He wanted to pretend that he was the Grinch and Daddy was Max.  Poor Daddy!

 After calming down, we set out our Grinch cookies, carrots, and milk and got ready for bed.

 Then, we remembered the reindeer food that Hudson made at school, so Hudson jumped on Daddy's back and they ran around the yard sprinkling the reindeer food around.  :)
After that, Hudson practically plowed us down to get in bed.  I have NEVER seen him go to bed that fast in my life!!  :)

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