Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hudson's 1st Fishing Trip!

Hudson recently asked Kelly when he was going to be big enough to go fishing. Kelly told him he was already big enough and so Hudson's first fishing trip was planned for last Friday. I'm not sure who was more excited...Kelly or Hudson! :) Thankfully, the boys let me tag along to witness the first of many fishing trips.

Hudson digging right on in the worm box...YUCK!!!

They got a fish immediately! I couldn't believe it. Hudson was SO EXCITED!!!

Learning how to reel it in himself.

He didn't want to hold the first fish...would only touch it with one finger.

He took a quick break to chase the ducks. :)

He got very brave when the second fish came along...

Yep, that's my boy holding the fish in his hand before throwing it back into the water.

It took Kelly a while to convince him to hold it by it's mouth, but he finally did it!

Then, the promptly let go!

I see many more fishing trips in their future. LOVE my boys!!

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