Friday, April 13, 2012

He has risen!!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Easter this year! Hudson woke up extra early Easter morning...he was so excited to start the day!

First he ran to the front door to see his Easter basket.
I just love his crazy bedhead in these pictures!

After going through his basket, we sat down to go through each Resurrection Egg leading up to the final one. We had been doing these each day, so he was able to tell us the meaning of each egg. I love how he is really beginning to understand the true meaning of Easter.

I love his expression when he realized the last egg was empty! He has risen!

After church, we came home to celebrate more with Noni, Aunt Tara, and Uncle Todd. First up, coloring eggs.

Rain was one the way, so instead of waiting for the eggs to dry, we did an egg hunt with plastic eggs. He darted around the yard like a rocket collecting the eggs!

Love this can see his feet up in the air jumping to try to get the egg.

Uncle Todd to the rescue!

Later that night, we made Resurrection Rolls. Such a fun lesson and SO delicious too!

Hudson took his bath while they were baking, so we had dessert before bed.

Ta-da! The inside was EMPTY!

Such a wonderful day celebrating the true meaning of Easter!

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