Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Activities

Thanks to Pinterest, I had a lot of fun planning Easter activities for Hudson this year. In addition to doing our Resurrection Eggs each day, we did some other fun things:

One morning we made Cinna-bunnies.

I made 3 of them and Hudson did the ears for his. His ears make me smile! :)
Concentrating very hard while putting the frosting on...

YUMMY breakfast!

Another afternoon we had fun doing jelly bean activities. First up, sorting them by color:

Then, graphing...

Finally, patterinng...

Hudson's favorite part...EATING the jelly beans! :)

That same day, I surprised him with this fun lunch:

He was hilarious when I told him lunch was ready. He threw up his hands and said, "What is this?" Ha!

He LOVED it!! He ate lunch faster than he ever has before. I will be doing this more often just for the fun of it!

Mommy getting a thumbs up for a good lunch! :)

Thanks Pinterest for all of the fun ideas!

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Trina said...

I LOVE it!!! How sweet!