Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza

Last Saturday was our church's annual Easter Eggstravaganza. We had a great time as always! Hudson was able to play on the bounce houses before the all important egg hunt began. you think there are enough eggs?!?
Last year, Hudson froze during the egg hunt. So, on the way there, we talked to him about how when they said to go he needed to pick up eggs as quickly as he could. Well, the child definitely listened. He was a MACHINE! I have never seen someone pick up eggs so fast in my life. We were cracking up!

Other kids were still going strong and Hudson's basket was FULL!

Posing with Noni.

Yep, this was the best family picture we could get. Oh well!

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Trina said...

I love the family pic!! So sweet!