Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hudson's 1st Christmas Program

This past Thursday was Husdon's first Christmas program at school. He was SO EXCITED! He couldn't quit talking about how he would get to be "on stage" and how he was going to be a lamb while singing. I have to say that I was beyond excited to watch him in his first program. We got there early and Noni saved us second row seats while we took him back to his classroom to get ready. The 3 year old class performed first and they were adorable. Then, it was the Pre-K's turn. I was excited again when Hudson was front and center! Then, the program started. He started out singing... ...and doing arm motions...

...and then quickly become DONE with the entire thing. He stared at me the rest of the time with this face:

Sweet love...

Poor thing. He was definitely ready to go and had no problem making a quick exit when it was all said and done. Oh well...maybe next year! :)

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