Monday, December 12, 2011

Annual Playgroup Christmas Party

This past Monday was our annual playgroup Christmas party. I can't believe that Hudson was only 4 months old at our first one...crazy! Alli hosted the party and the kids had an absolute BLAST! They did two crafts, ate pizza, watched part of a movie, and played, and played, and get the idea! They play so well together and it is so fun watching how "old" they seem now...they have such great imaginations and there was a lot of good guy/bad guy stuff going on. :)

Here they are looking all grown up:

Porter, Quinn, Sutton, Landon, Reid, Tanner, Hudson, and Chapman

Hudson decorating his tree.

The kids eating dinner and watching Cars 2.
Some of the sad...Amy and Annie had already left at this point.
Meredith, Alli, Brittney, me, Kara, and Cara

These girls and their sweet kiddos are definitely something to be thankful for this time of year...LOVE THEM!!!!

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