Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Golden Tickets

We started a new Christmas tradition this year that I found on Pinterest that was a HIT! The day before Christmas Eve, we went to put Hudson to bed and when we pulled down the covers, he found these tickets:

He immediately decided that Haddy (our elf) put them in his bed. They were Christmas express tickets which meant even though we were all in our jammies, we were to immediately go get in the car and go look at Christmas lights!
He wasn't excited or anything!! He immediately started jumping up and down and couldn't believe that he didn't have to go to bed right then!

We also told him that he could get ice cream or hot chocolate for the road and he chose ice cream. :)

We went to Deerfield in Plano to see some beautiful lights! It was beyond packed though, so we only got through a few streets. (We know to go earlier in the year next year!)

Such a fun night...this will definitely be a tradition we continue!

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