Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yearly Pumpkin Patches

This year, we made our yearly rounds to several of our favorite pumpkin patches with friends. I didn't take a ton of pictures...just let Hudson enjoy the time with his friends running around. Here are a few from each pumpkin patch we visited.

First up, was the Arboretum...it was just gorgeous this year! Hudson's favorite part was playing in the hay maze. Not running through the maze, but moving hay around to different spots. They seriously did this for at least 30 minutes. :)

Hudson, Stone, Colton, Brody, and Rowan

Next up, was the Flowermound Pumpkin Patch with Colleen, Reid, and Adalyn. The boys had so much fun playing in the bounce houses at this one. I don't think they really cared about the pumpkins, but how do pumpkins compete with bounce houses??? :)

Sadly, the best picture I got of Hudson and Reid. Really?!?

Our final pumpkin patch to visit was Owen's Farm with Aurora, Avery, and Greyson. Hudson LOVES this one because of the animals. He and Avery spent a lot of time feeding the goats. They had ZERO fear and just stuck their hands right on in the fence. They even refused to feed a "bully" goat who was pushing the smaller goats aside. Too funny!

So much fun with friends at all of the pumpkin patches!

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