Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

Whew! We had such a busy, FUN weekend. We started out Friday night by going to celebrate Tanner and Landon's birthdays at their party. It was a carnival theme and was DARLING!!! I forgot my camera, but Hudson had an absolute blast! Then Saturday evening we headed to the Stock family's house for a BBQ. They had lots of outdoor activities for all the little ones running around and again, Hudson was in heaven. He of course, loved the water as always!

He also loved Sutton's swing set. Tanner and Hudson kept Daddy busy pushing them for a while!
Sunday afternoon we headed out to visit Granny. Hudson's favorite activity while we were there was dumping candy from her candy dish and then putting it back in. Oh the joys of an almost two year old!
Granny, Uncle Todd, Hudson, and Daddy
Needless to say, baby boy was TIRED...he was up until almost 9:00 both nights which is WAY past his bedtime. He decided to make up for it by sleeping in until 8:30 today...NICE! :)


Dunhams said...

Good seeing you guys this weekend!! I need to send you the picture of Hudson falling out of the pool :)

Cara Carroll said...

Thanks for coming on Friday!! We were so glad y'all could make it :) It sounds like the rest of your weekend was crazy busy!! Can't wait to see y'all again!