Monday, July 13, 2009

23 Months

Hudson is 23 months old today. I can't believe in one short month he will be 2! C.R.A.Z.Y.!!! I decided to do a list of cute things he is doing at this stage in his life so I'll always remember.
  1. He no longer says Mama...I am now Mommy and it melts my heart!
  2. When he wants to be picked up he says "hold you" instead of "hold me". LOVE IT!
  3. He sounds like he has a French accent when he says words that end in er. For example, the word paper sounds like pa-pear. It cracks us up!
  4. He loves dancing, but mostly spins around in circles, gets dizzy and falls down. Nut!
  5. He thinks when it is time to get dressed it is actually time to play chase. He runs screaming and laughing around the house.
  6. Cleaning continues to be one of his favorite things...his broom is probably his favorite toy.
  7. He INSISTS on looking at the flowers in the flower beds EVERY time we arrive home from somewhere.
  8. He now asks to be "tickled" while he is being rocked. This isn't the make you laugh tickle, but the soft, put you to sleep kind. He is definitely his mommy's son!
  9. He now pretends to be asleep. He will be playing and all of the sudden say "nigh nigh" and throw himself on the floor, shut his eyes, and pretend to snore.
  10. This is by far one of my favorites...go to the end to read and "see" #10...
Some pics today by the pool. There were LOTS of kids there and he was very serious today.
OK, now for #10...the cutest thing EVER that he does now...when I go in to get him from his nap he says, "Mommy, sit" and pats his bed. So, every once in a while I climb in his bed and we talk and sing until he is ready to get out. Oh, how I LOVE this boy!!!


sarah s said...

so cute! I love that you get in his bed! Myrna told me she and Cason saw you today! I'll call you sometime this week

Cara Carroll said...

Oh my word, Dena. I LOVE this post!!! The last two pics of you guys cracks me up!! You look beautiful!!! I can totally relate to #5 :) He'll be 2 before you know it!!! Seriously, why do they grow up so fast?!?!