Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cake Face

Hudson and I went to the bakery yesterday to order his birthday cake. We ended up being there over 30 minutes because there were other people there ordering as well. I was very impressed with my little man...he handled the wait very well and just kept pointing around to the cakes and saying "cake please" over and over. So, when I got ready to pay for his cake I ordered him a cake ball for being such a good boy while we waited. OH MY...I gave it to him to eat on the way home and this is what I saw when I opened the car door!!!

Must have been yummy! :)


Grow with Griffin said...

Mmmmmm- When Leslie eats cake balls she looks like that too when she is finished- yummy Hudson!!! It was great seeing you and Mommy yesterday! Thank you for your help! xoxo

Aurora said...

Ummmm...that's messy??? I can't even imagine what Avery would have looked like!