Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Preview!

I took Hudson to have his pictures taken yesterday for his birthday card. These are a few of my favorites. Can you guess the theme this year? :)
They handed him this random guitar (not the theme) and this picture just cracked me up. He looks like he is stomping his foot!

I can't believe I'm sending out invites for another birthday...time flies!!


Cassidy said...

How can he almost be 2, that is CRAZY to me! I LOVE the monkey picture, so so cute!!All of them, but that one is perfect!

Aurora said...

Cute pictures! Can't wait to see his invites...Avery already has a cute mnkey shirt to wear! :)

Kara Wilson said...

OK, Hudson is the cutest!!!! I love these pics!! He looks so grown-up!! I think I have said that a million times lately, but seriously, he looking like such a little boy! What happened to our babies?!?!? I got my invitation- absolutely precious!

Meredith said...

ALL the pictures are seriously Soooooo cute of Hudson!!! Love his hair!! The invitations are so darling as well!!