Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

I will start by saying that Hudson doesn't have a lot of isn't thick at all, but it was starting to get a little out of control. A few weeks ago when I went to get my haircut, my stylist was sweet enough to trim above Hudson's ears and on his neck which helped a little, but Kelly and I decided on Saturday that his crazy hair was a little too out of control. So, we packed up Hudson and headed out for his first offical haircut at Cool Cuts for Kids.
These are the last pictures of the out of control mess before the always stuck straight up like that...even after putting water on it and brushing it down! :)

Hudson had a wonderful time waiting for his haircut. He LOVED the Thomas train table.
Notice his "Whoville" hair? Tee hee!
He did SO GOOD during his haircut. The lady was so nice and was done in less than 5 minutes. At one point we thought he was going to lose it (you will see the picture below) but he was fine. Yea Hudson! So, here's a little trip down haircut lane...
"Cool Mommy...I'm glad you brought me to this place so I could ride in a firetruck."
"Wait a minute...why is my head all wet?"
"What is that lady doing to me?"
"This needs to stop immediately!!!"
"OK, I'm feeling a little better...what is that machine doing?"
"This is torture, but I'm over it."
"That wasn't too bad after all. I think I'll strike a little pose to show off my new do."
WOW...when did he get so big?


Holly said...

Oh, he looks so grown-up!!!! He looks like he did great! :)

Annie said...

Love his haircut!! We went to the same place, just different location, how funny!!! He is so handsome!!!!

Kara Wilson said...

I love Hudson's new 'do!!! He looks so CUTE!!! And so grown-up!! Can't wait to see the the cute new haircut in person!!! Love ya!

Meredith said...

The haircut looks great! So handsome! What a big boy!!!

The Kilgore Corral said...

Yea for Hudson! What a big boy!

Grow with Griffin said...

That looks like such a fun place for kids to get their hair cut! I will have to see where our closest one is for the day Griffin needs one!! He does look so much more grown up with his big boy hair cut! I love it!!! I am so proud of him for doing such a great job!

Cara Carroll said...

How precious! Isn't it crazy how big they look after a haircut?!?! Love it!!