Wednesday, January 14, 2009

17 Months

As of yesterday, Hudson is now 17 months old. Not only can I not believe it, but I can't believe he will be a year and a half next month! It is just crazy to me! For this months post, I thought I would list a few things that he is doing that I think are just too cute!
1. He only likes the bananas that have a sticker on them. I now put stickers on each banana so he will eat them!
2. He won't eat a broken Cheerio. Yep, if there is a Cheerio that isn't a full circle he hands it back to me.
3. He must always have a spoon or a fork in his hand while eating. This is different from eating with a spoon or a fork...he doesn't necessarily put it in his mouth, but he must have one in his hands at all times.
4. His sippy cup must always be in the cut out portion of his tray that is designed for the cup. If you move the cup, he puts it right back in its place. (Is he his mommy's son or what?!?)
5. He loves to throw trash away for us. If you give him something and ask him to put it in the trashcan, he walks into the kitchen and immediately throws it away. The unfortunate part about this one is that sometimes he takes it back out or something else out and brings it back to you!
6. He loves all things that pertain to hair...brushes, hair dryer, flat irons...yes it is true. Don't know what else to say about that one!
7. He loves taking pictures. Well, he loves carrying a camera around and putting it up to his face acting like he is taking pictures. Do you think that means mommy takes too many pictures?
8. I will end on the cutest one of all. When we ask him if he is sleepy and ready to go night night, he grabs George and Ducky and will either bury himself in me or walk to his room and stand by his crib. How sweet is that?
Here are a few pics I took yesterday to document month 17.

Man, I love this crazy boy!


The Kilgore Corral said...

Colton used to do the holding silverware thing too! So funny! I love the picture you took of him holding the camera up to his face. What a sweet boy!

The Penuels said...

Oh! So grown up...what a handsome little man :)