Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Silly Monkeys and Dinosaurs!

Today was one of those full days...we had a birthday playdate planned for the morning and a fieldtrip playgroup planned for the afternoon. It was a very busy day and I'm not sure that I would try to pack those two things into one day again, but we had a great time! This morning we headed to Aurora and Avery's to help Avery celebrate her upcoming 1st birthday. She is having a family party this weekend, so she invited two of her best buddies to help her celebrate a little early today. Aurora made us a great brunch and the kiddos had a great time playing...especially when they got to get silly...
Hudson LOVED looking out the window at their two dogs. He kept saying "dog" while pointing and getting really excited. It was precious!
Hudson giving Avery a lesson on how to open gifts.

We decided we needed a group shot of the kiddos, but since they are so fast we had the grand idea of putting them in Avery's crib to snap a few shots. Aurora started jumping up and down to get their attention and boy did it work...they started going CRAZY...jumping around, screaming, laughing...I don't know who looked sillier...the 3 silly monkeys or the 3 silly mommies. Here are a few shots of the silly monkeys jumping in the crib:
Avery, Hudson, and Griffin

Part two of our busy day was meeting some of our playgroup friends at the Heard Museum to see Dinosaurs Alive. Hudson was SUPER SLEEPY from only taking a 30 minute nap, so he didn't venture too far from me, but I think he liked seeing the big dinosaurs anyway.
His reaction to the first dinosaur.
Watching the dinosaurs from a distance. (George stayed with him the whole time to protect him.)
The T-Rex was the final dinosaur.
The gang: Hudson, Reid, Porter, Quinn, and Sutton
What a fun day!


Cara Carroll said...

It looks like you guys had such a good time! I SO wish we could've made it! Hope to see you soon!

The Kilgore Corral said...

OH, Michael and I have been talking about going there. You will have to give me the details! Can't wait!!

Cassidy said...

what fun, he looks so tired in dino pictures. I can't believe Avery is already 1.