Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Non-planned Playdate!

Last week my friend Melissa was having a rough week...her son Colton was teething and it was taking its toll on everyone. So Friday morning I emailed her asking if she need a break that afternoon. She said yes and asked if we could come over. Right after we got there, Jessica called and decided to stop by too. So, we had a non-planned playdate! It was such a nice afternoon just visiting for a few hours and the boys had fun playing. An extra bonus was that Melissa took some of the cutest pictures of Hudson...
Look at all of those teeth!
I wish I had those eyelashes!!!
Melissa feeding Hudson and Colton graham crackers...YUM!

Didn't she get some good pictures??? I think her calling might be photography! :)


Cassidy said...

what a nice way for Melissa and Colton to sooth their teething sorrows! Yes, those are great pictures. Hudson has such cute eyes. And I am loving your hair. I want to CHOP mine.

Grow with Griffin said...

Aw- so sweet! I love that first picture with Hudson's teeth! Did you get your hair cut again? Looks cute!