Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Faster!!!

My family came down this weekend so Shani and I could have another sewing weekend. The idea is for Shani and I to get tons of sewing done while Nana watches Hudson. It is a win~win for everyone! Aunt Shani was taking a break on Saturday and discovered that Hudson fit perfectly in her sewing they went. Literally...they went flying around the house and Hudson was in heaven. He just smiled, squealed, and laughed the whole time. Then, cried each time Aunt Shani tried to take a break. He LOVED going fast and I can just hear him in years to come saying, "Go Faster!!!"
Rounding the corner.
Hang On!!!
Oh man, are you really not going to pull me around anymore???
I just had to throw this picture in. Nana, Aunt Shani, and I took Hudson to Ballard Street Cafe on Sunday morning. We used to eat breakfast here every weekend when my family came down for the weekend. This was Hudson's first time at Ballard Street and he loved it. He especially loved our sweet waitress though...this was him flirting with her. Too cute!

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Kara Wilson said...

Hudson looks like SUCH a cute little boy (not a baby, but a little boy!!!). What a fun new "toy"! Tanner would love that, too! Hope you & Shani got lots done this weekend!!!