Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Priceless Pictures!!

Yesterday, Hudson and I went to playgroup at Amy and Porter's house. Amy is a photographer and had the cutest idea...she wanted to take a group picture of the boys wearing jeans and bunny ears. So, once we were all at her house and the boys had been happily playing for about 30 minutes, we decided we should take the picture. Off with the shirts and socks and into the studio we went. Sounds easy right? Hmm...the drama began...

Porter and Hudson happily playing before the photo shoot.
Hudson sitting with his bunny ears on ready for the picture.
(Hudson, Quinn, Porter, Chapman, Tanner)

Porter and Chapman decided they did not want to wear bunny ears. Quinn thinks this is a good time to reach for his Mommy.
Next we tried to take a picture without the ears. Hudson agrees with Chapman now and thinks taking a picture is a horrible idea.

Hudson and Porter - enough said.
We thought we would take a break and let the boys play before trying again. Chapman and Hudson happily playing.
Hudson and Porter - can you tell that Hudson is unsure of being back in the studio again?
The group shot...isn't this picture priceless?!?

(Quinn, Hudson, Chapman, Tanner, Porter, Reid)

Amy and Porter, Mommy and Hudson, Alli and Chapman, Meredith and Reid, Kara and Tanner, Brittney and Quinn

All in all we had a great playgroup! The whole photo shoot was hilarious ~ the boys would be completely fine until one started crying and then it was a ripple effect. I have never seen Hudson cry before just because another baby was crying, but boy did he get the hang of it yesterday!!


Cassidy said...

Those are great! When those boys can all talk and walk/run they are going to run from ya'll when you pull the cameras out of your bags:) So cute!

Grow with Griffin said...

SO stinking cute! These look like they need to be in an ad somewhere! I love all of their priceless expressions and the bunny ears in jeans is a riot!