Sunday, April 13, 2008

8 Months!

Hudson is 8 months old today!! I just cannot believe that...I have no idea where the time is going. I know I say that every month, but it just blows my mind! He is SO MUCH FUN these days. I realized today when I was trying to take his picture next to his pillow how much he has changed. He kept turning around trying to mess with his name or bending down to play with his feet. Gone are the days where I would just prop him against it and click away with him just looking at me. He is definitely into exploring everything around him...mostly by reaching. If it is even close to arms reach, he tries to get it. He is much more vocal now and has the best belly laugh when you really get him going. He is turning into such a great eater ~ so far he will eat anything that we give him and most of the time he wants more. He is getting more independent, but still prefers that I sit with him on the floor when he is playing...he lets me hear about it if I get up to try to go do something. He has definitely developed stranger anxiety, but also remembers friends immediately. He rolls all over the place, but isn't crawling yet. I put toys down out of reach to see if he will try to get them and caught him pulling the blanket to himself the other day to get the toy. Lazy or smart? I'm going with smart! :) He is such a joy and words cannot explain how much I love him...I know all you Mommas out there get that 100%!


Meredith said...

Such cute pictures! I know, the time just flies!!! I can't believe Hudson is 8 months! Before we know it all of the boys will be mobile!

Kara Wilson said...

Happy 8 month birthday!! I am with you- it is CRAZY how fast time flies!!! Hudson is just growing so much!! We are so blessed to have such a sweet & special friend for Tanner! Love you, Hudson!

Grow with Griffin said...

Eight months??? My goodness!! Hudson, you look so big next to that pillow! I can not get over what a big boy you are getting to be! We can't wait to continue to watch you grow!