Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Boy!

This Saturday, Kelly and I decided to take Hudson to lunch and to the grocery store. As we were walking out the door I grabbed the shopping cart/highchair cover for the first time thinking we could try it and see if Hudson was ready for it or not. Boy was he! I guess I should have pulled this great invention out a few weeks ago. He absolutely loved sitting up and being able to look around at everything going on. I always call him my "little observer" because he just watches everything. He definitely won't be stuck in his carrier anymore when we are out ~ he will be watching the world!
Sitting in the highchair getting ready for lunch at Fish City.
Daddy and Hudson.
Mommy and Hudson.
Hudson eating his lunch.
We introduced the sippy cup for the first time...he didn't quite know what to make of it.
Hudson didn't quite get the hang of the sippy cup...he drank the lazy way...letting the cup sit on the table!!!
Hudson and George getting ready to go grocery shopping.


Grow with Griffin said...

LOVE the picture of Hudson and George kicking it in the grocery cart! That is priceless!

Porter Carroll said...

Hudson~ I think we were separated at birth! We always reach milestones together! I can't wait to have lunch with our mommies and sit in our highchairs together! :)

Meredith said...

How exciting! I love the look that Hudson is giving George - you can tell that he just loves him!

The Penuels said...

I love the sippy cup picture...what a big boy!!

Kara Wilson said...

CUTE highchair cover & CUTE little boy! I was cracking up at all the pictures- he is so cute & fun! :)