Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raspberries & Friends

Hudson started doing the cutest thing this week...when you blow "raspberries" at him, he tries to do it back!!! It is the most precious thing EVER!!! He of course won't do it when I am on the phone with all the grandparents so they can hear, but he does it for Mommy and Daddy, so it works for me. :) He has had a fun week with his friends. On Monday, we had playgroup at Amy and Porter's house. Porter was asleep by the time we got out the cameras, so it is just the three boys that were there. We always have such a good time at playgroup! Today we went over to Melissa and Colton's house to play. I was bound and determined to get pictures of the boys because every time we are together we never seem to get any of them together. I couldn't get any of them looking at the camera...they just kept looking at each other. So sweet! We are so blessed by all of the friendships we have! :)
Hudson blowing "raspberries" at me while changing into his pj's.
Tanner, Reid, and Hudson

Hudson and Colton