Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This past weekend we went to Oklahoma. Here are just a few pics from the weekend. Hudson always loves seeing his Paw-Paw, Nana, Aunt Shani, and Uncle Geoff! (He also loves putting anything he can into his mouth these days as you can see by the pictures!)
Hudson and Nana (Hudson chewing on a wash cloth)
Hudson and Paw-Paw
Hudson and Uncle Geoff (They truly have a special is so sweet!)
Hudson after a bath. Hmm...I think I can eat both hands if I really try!


Grow with Griffin said...

Uncle Geoff IS so sweet and good with babies! (And of course Aunt Shani, Nana and PawPaw too!) Griffin enjoyed meeting everyone last weekend and we look forward to many fun times ahead with The Long's! I love the picture on here of Hudson and Geoff! So sweet!

Cassidy said...

Who needs toys when you can just stick your fingers in your mouth!