Friday, January 18, 2008

"Girl" friend!

After being around all boys being born lately, Hudson got to meet his first "girl" friend on Wednesday. Aurora had Avery early Tuesday morning. She is just precious and I'm sure Hudson will be like a big brother to her one day. It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago Hudson was that size. (Smaller actually!) Two of our friends are expecting girls this Spring and one a boy, so there will be more "girl" friends to come!
Leslie and Griffin, Aurora and Avery, Mommy and Hudson
Dena and Avery


Cassidy said...

I am so glad that a girl was added to the boys:) And a cute little girlie I must add!

Donnell Days said...

You know, technically Caroline would be his first "girl" friend actually!! She is his "older" friend! Ha ha!! He can't wait to meet Caroline's sister!!